1. Installation

classgen comes in a binary or source distribution. Currently documentation is available for the binary distribution only.

Binary distribution

You receive classgen as zip, tar or tar.gz file. It is named classgen-xxx-bin.yyy, where xxx is the version number and yyy depends on the archive type you chose. After unpacking the archive you have the following directory structure.

   classgen home, readme and copyright notice
classgen, classgen-framework and CUP libraries
classgen documentation
classgen-framework api documentation (Java doc)
start-up scripts for win32 and unix/linux

In order to use classgen you have to set a couple of environment variables.

  1. if not already done, set JAVA_HOME to the directory where the JDK resides on your computer.
  2. set CLASSGEN_HOME to the classgen root directory.
  3. For convenience you should add classgen's bin directory to your path variable.

After this steps classgen is installed properly and ready to use. Click here for usage documentation. Please enjoy using classgen.

Source distribution

Sorry! Not yet available.

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